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  1. The Application
  2. The Required Coursework
  3. The Assessment Process
  4. The Final Steps

1. The Application

To apply for the Language Certificate, simply:

  • Click on the My Profile tab above to fill out the application form. Please provide complete information.

  • Then, return to My Profile to report any updates to your plans along the way (for example, finished coursework or change of projected graduation date).

2. The Required Coursework

Completion of three courses is required for the program--one focusing on Language, one on Civilization, and one on Literature. Click Course Options for more information.*

The coursework must be taken at BYU—transfer credits do not qualify.

*Note: If you are a language degree seeker and have completed all of the coursework required for a language major or a language minor, you will also have satisfied the coursework requirement for the Language Certificate. You will not be required to list your coursework on your profile. However, be sure to list your language.

If you are not pursuing a language major or minor, as you proceed through your coursework, keep the following in mind:
  • You must achieve the minimum of a B- in each class.

  • You must return to My Profile to report your grades when you have finished each class.

3. The Assessment Process

Once you have finished the required coursework, it is time to begin preparing for the assessment process. This process must be done before you graduate. It must also be done on the BYU campus.

BYU utilizes Language Testing International (LTI), which is the testing service for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). You will be required to take an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and a Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). (See Program Requirements for details.)

If you are a language major, you will be required to take the OPI and the WPT in your capstone course. Please wait until that time to take the assessments. (Check with your language department for details.)

If you are a language teaching major or minor, you will be required to take the OPI towards the end of your coursework. Please wait until that time to take the assessments. (Check with your language department for details.)

If you are a language minor, please contact us when you have completed your minor classes and are ready to take the assessments. (

If you are not seeking a language degree, please be sure to post all of your required coursework grades on your profile. We will then contact you with instructions on how to proceed. *Note: If you are finishing your coursework and are graduating THIS semester, please contact us about taking the assessments right away. (


There is a significant cost for these assessments. The OPI costs $134 and the WPT costs $65. However, there is good news!

There is currently a scholarship provided to all applicants to pay for these assessments made available through the generosity of Brother Ira Fulton, a donor to BYU.

As you can see, the willingness of Brother Fulton to pay for these assessments is a remarkable provision.


  • What are the assessments like? Follow this link and read through the description of the OPI and the WPT and for suggestions on how to best prepare for the assessments. 

  • Because the results of the assessments can take a month to receive, the sooner in the semester you schedule, the better.

*Note: You must request the assessments a minimum of 2 weeks before the last day of classes.

4. The Final Steps

  • The ratings can take up to four weeks to be posted. Once we have confirmed the ratings, we will contact you.
  • The Language Certificate: The Certificate itself will publish the OPI and WPT ratings. It will be up to you to inform us if you want only one ACTFL rating shown on the certificate.
  • The Transcript Notation: This will include your language and a proficiency level determined by the Center for Language Studies. The levels include Advanced, Mastery, and Professional. They are determined by the following:
    • Advanced Level. If at least one ACTFL rating is Advanced Low or Advanced Mid, then an "Advanced” notation will be awarded.
    • Mastery Level. If at least one ACTFL rating is Advanced High, then a "Mastery” notation will be awarded.
    • Professional Level. If at least one ACTFL rating is Superior, then a "Professional” notation will be awarded.

We will inform the Records Office and they will make the notation on your transcript.

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